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April 18, 2024 Rita González-Márquez

Navigating 20 Million Papers at Once to Uncover Knowledge

More than one million papers are published every year in the field of biomedicine and life sciences – an overwhelming volume. To help navigate through the literature, we created a map of the entire landscape of biomedical research using machine learning tools, in the form of an interactive website that allows you to browse 20 million papers simultaneously and see connections between them.
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Science Stories
March 7, 2024 Sarah Bioly

Better Understanding the Monsoons and the El Niño

Bedartha Goswami’s goal is to build a bridge between machine learning and climate science. It’s not easy: when new methods in machine learning are developed, the ways that they can be applied in the climate sector is often not considered. Goswami is a team player, so his solution has been to put together a group with the interdisciplinary expertise needed for real breakthroughs in climate science.
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August 14, 2023 Tilman Gocht, Martin Krohs

New Directions in Science Communication: The Themed Channel “AI and Sustainability”

“AI and Sustainability” – Since April 4th, 2023, the science and debate platform te.ma has offered the public a discussion forum, a place to ask questions, or simply to inform themselves about the topic. With this new approach, te.ma and the Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning" aim to provide new impulses in the complicated thicket of science communication that are focused on dialogue with the public.
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